RB 6.13 Water Reducer

RB 6.13 Water Reducer is a high range liquid plasticiser which has been specially formulated to improve workability and at the same time allow a reduction in the total water content for grouts and concrete.

RB 6.13 Water Reducer is supplied in 20lt containers, 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s

  • To decrease the water content of cementitious materials.
  • To maximise ultimate tensile, compressive and mechanical strengths.
  • To produce chemically resistant, durable grouts and concrete.
  • To increase workability.
  • For concreting in hot weather
  • For preserving water in areas where water is in short supply (typically 10%).

TECH SHEET: RB 6.13 Water Reducer

MSD SHEET: RB 6.13 Water Reducer