4.01 Underwater Mortar

4.01 Underwater Mortar is an extremely strong hi-build mortar designed for marine applications. Great for repairs to sea walls, concrete pipe work, tunnels, dams, canals or wherever a waterproof mortar is needed. 4.01 is a non-slump mortar and is safe to use with potable water.

Supplied in 25kg tri-wall plastic lined paper bags.

  • Offshore locations and applications.
  • The repair of precast concrete, tunnels, culverts, sewers and pipes.
  • To point and repair bricks, blocks and masonry above or below the waterline.
  • The repair of concrete in tidal zones where time is limited.
  • The protection of marine structures above and below the waterline.
  • The consolidation of sea defenses, harbours, jetties, docks, locks.
  • To stop and seal the flow of water or grout in brickwork or concrete.
  • Caulking material for seals and joints, and for sealing shutters.
  • In situations where an early strength gain is required.
  • Underwater Accelerated Mortar (RB 4.02) is designed for use during cold weather, or low temperature applications