RB 6.15 Super Plasticiser

RB 6.15 Super Plasticiser is a high range liquid superplasticiser which has been specially formulated to achieve a major increase in workability, and at the same time water reduction for grouts and concrete.

RB 6.15 Super Plasticiser is supplied in 20lt containers, 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s

  • Allows water reduction of 25–30% in concrete mixes resulting in higher strengths.
  • To maintain the workability of concrete in hot dry conditions.
  • Allows substantial improvement in flowability of concrete with out increasing water content.
  • Ideal for the effective filling of columns, narrow components and where reinforcing hinders flow.
  • Used in the manufacture of concrete tanks and troughs etc.
  • Imparts necessary flowability to grouts used in deeply drilled holes for anchoring purposes.
  • Widely used in areas where water is in short supply.

TECH SHEET: Super Plasticiser

MSD SHEET: Super-Plasticiser