RB 10.40 Steel Mould Protector MG

An environmentally friendly lanolin based corrosion inhibitor designed to protect precatsers steel moulds during storage.

Medium Grade provides up to 6 months protection from rusting and pitting.

Supplied in 20lt containers.

Coverage: Steel 8- 10 m2/litre.


  • Stops corrosion by preventing air and moisture attack.
  • Shiny finish with minimal tackiness – Doesn’t attract dust.
  • Easy to use – No mixing required.
  • Penetrates into surface rust, joints and grooves.
  • Won’t break down rubber components.
  • Safe to use, Non Carcinogenic
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Medium grade – For up to 6 months protection


  • To protect steel concrete beam moulds during storage.
  • To protect concrete casting beds when not in use. •
  • Any other rust prevention application
  • As a general lubricant and penetrant

TECH SHEET: Steel Mould Protector MG

MSD SHEET: Steel Mould Protector MG