6.18 Concrete Retarder

6.18 Concrete Retarder (additive) is a water-soluble chemical admixture which temporarily delays the initial set of concrete but has no detrimental effect on the overall end result of the mix. Rockbond Concrete Retarder reduces the risks of cold joints and also reduces the risk of wasted concrete due to project or transport delays.

This products is supplied in 20lt containers, 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s.

Uses of 6.18 Concrete Retarder:

  • Concreting in hot weather when the normal setting time is shortened by higher temperatures.
  • Long distance travel between the plant and the site.
  • Projects that have a high chance onsite delays once the truck arrives.
  • Large pours have an extended initial set time, therefore preventing the formation of cold joints