Hydro-Stop® CJ-5000

Rockbond Hydro-Stop® CJ-5000 Chloroprene Rubber Hydrophilic Waterstop is produced from a unique hydrophilic chloroprene rubber sealing compound which expands in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture to form a gasket and compression seal inside the concrete joint, to give a permanent flexible watertight seal.


Hydro-Stop® CJ-5000 is capable of sealing heads of water up to 60 metres (6.0 Bar) in ground and saltwater environments.

It is ideal to be used in horizontal and vertical construction joints for cast in-situ concrete structures and pre-cast elements.

Hydro-Stop® CJ-5000 complies to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects, ensuring Hydro-Stop® CJ-5000 is safe for use in drinking water applications. Therefore, it is suitable to use in various potable water retaining structures like water tanks, swimming pools and reservoirs.


  • Excellent sealing capabilities against high hydrostatic head pressures in potable and saltwater environments.
  • Provides a permanent, flexible gasket and compression seal inside the concrete.
  • Available in a number of different sizes, shapes and profiles to suit the specific structure’s joint requirements.
  • High quality, non-biodegradable compounded chloroprene hydrophilic rubber that provides long-term durability and integrity to the joint and structure
  • Ability to expand up to 200% in contact with water and over 100% expansion in salt water.
  • Has been tested to withstand over 60 metres (6.0 Bar) of hydrostatic head pressure.
  • For use in many different types of applications but especially suited for water retaining structures where direct water pressure is applied against the concrete joint.
  • Can be applied directly on to smooth concrete surfaces or rough surfaces with the use of a recommended adhesive.
  • Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles.
  • Non-toxic, requires no special handling and can be used in potable water structures.
  • Fast and simple to install.
  • For use in horizontal and vertical construction joints.
  • No on-site welding required.
  • NSF Certified for use in potable water applications.