12.13 CG-050M Manual Hand Grout Pump

The ChemGrout CG-050M is a portable, skid mounted, hand operated grout pump.

The lightweight aluminum design makes this grout pump perfect for smaller jobs.

This unit features a 5 gallon holding hopper and a piston pump.

The holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the pump for a continuous pumping operation.

The grout pump is a 2″ positive displacement manually powered pulsating piston pump.

The system disassembles without any tools for a fast and efficient cleaning.

Model:        CG-050M
Pump:        2″ Piston
OUtput:      2-3gpm (7-11 Lpm)
Pressure:   200 psi
Weight:      24kg
Size:          44″L x 11″W x 31″H


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