RB BMP6 Electric Grout Pump – 14lt/min

The RB BMP6 is a high quality German made electric grout pump that is capable of pumping 1-14lt/min. It is suitable for pumping all pre-mixed and pump-able materials (solvent free) like cementitious grouts, bituminous thick coatings, renders, plasters etc.

The RB BMP 6 comes with a 2 gear motor (forward and reverse) and adjustable dial for easy adjustment of output and working speed. With the integrated reverse drive the release of pressure in delivery hoses is very easy. Due to a wide range of different accessories the RB BMP 6 can be used for many different applications such as… spraying, injecting and pumping. The pump can also be operated by a remote control cable.


  • Saves on labour costs
  • Easy to transport (25kg)
  • Wide range of applications
  • Robust and very easy to service
  • Detachable into 3 parts without any tools
  • Quick cleaning
  • Patented remote control
  • Rewind gear for pressure discharge
  • Output capacity adjustable 0.5-14lt per min.


  • Premixed and pumpable grouts & micro concrete
  • Waterproofing grouts
  • Bitumonous thick coatings
  • Floor screeds
  • Joint grouting


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Max. Aggregate size: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Max. Capacity: 0.5-14lt/min
  • Max Pressure: 25 bar
  • Max Pump Distance: 20-30mt
  • Hopper Size: 30lt