RB 8.20 4034 Rapid Repair Kit

Rockbond 8.20 4034 Rapid Repair Kit is a very liquid, pourable formulation for concrete floor slab repairs, door ways, joint edge spails.

Suitable for interior concrete repairs in warehouses, coolstores, food processing.

This two part poly-alloy system is designed for rapidly rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints and repairing damaged concrete rapidly even in extreme cold.

Special Properties: 

  • RB8.20 4034 Rapir Repair is unique, because it repairs spalls and sets down to -27C temperatures, making it ideal choice for coolstores and freezers in operation.
  • Repairs can be put back in service in 10-30 minutes after the installation is made. RB8.20 is ideal in areas where “Downtime” is costly, such as 24/7 operations.

Available in 2lt, 10lt and 40lt kits.

TECH SHEET: 4034 Rapid Repair