8.10 Nose Cone Epoxy

8.10 Nose Cone Epoxy is an impact-absorbing, rapid-setting nosing epoxy.




The Rockbond 8.10 Nose Cone Epoxy system is cold cure binder of three-component transition strip. Three-component system consists of:

  • Part A (Epoxy resin base),
  • Part B (Epoxy curing agent) and
  • Part C (aggregates).

Blend of Part A and Part B sets within three hours at 200 C then remains flexible. Shore D hardness remains much the same over wide range of temperatures.

It is an excellent bridge joint epoxy that can be driven on inside 2-hours.

How to use 8.10 Nose Cone Epoxy:

Part A and Part B are supplied at the correct mix ratio.

  1. Add entire amount of Part B into the Part A container.
  2. Mix thoroughly to ensure the two components are thoroughly blended before mixing with Part C (aggregates).