8.09 Epoxy RMT

Epoxy RMT is an economical and versatile heavy duty, moisture tolerant epoxy paste suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

Epoxy RMT is a paste (as distinct to a heavy mortar like RB8.04). It is easier to mix and will apply by spatula or trowel.

It provides a creamy, easy to apply and smooth consistency; yet is sag resistant up to normal film builds.

It can be applied overhead and in vertical applications.

It will bond more readily to surfaces due to its more pasty consistency.


  • Simple 1:1 Mix ratio.
  • Two colours differentiate resin and hardener.
  • Interior |exterior application.
  • Easy mix recognition.
  • User friendly.
  • General purpose.
  • Very hard when cured.
  • Many uses, handy, paintable.
  • Highly durable; high compressive strength.
  • Chemically resistant. – Acid and salt resistant.
  • Very high adhesive and cohesive strength.


  • Bonding pipes, concrete and PVC. Bends in concrete pipes.
  • Setting bolts and rebar into concrete. – Horizontal.
  • Re-forming edges; stair nosing’s, usable overhead.
  • Fixing pipes | concrete.
  • Filling holes, forming plinths.
  • Fixing floors, tanks, concrete blocks, kerbs.
  • Steel plate fixing to concrete.
  • Patching floor holes.
  • Smoothing concrete prior to application of Fibreglass, Carbon fibre or Kevlar for column reinforcement.
  • Smoothing and repairing concrete surfaces; e.g. eroded sewer tanks and pipes, eroded marine concrete; Acid and salt resistant.