RB 8.05 Mould Repair Epoxy

Rockbond Mould Repair Epoxy (RB 8.05) is a two component – resin-hardener system, designed specifically for the repair of steel moulds and casting beds used in the Precast Concrete industry.


  • Simple 2-part system. Economical and user friendly.
  • Provides a smooth and very strong surface to damaged moulds.
  • Extremely high resistance to impact
  • Resistant to chemicals and compatible with all release agents once cured.


Rockbond Mould Repair Epoxy (RB 8.05) is effective in a range of applications involving the repair of steel moulds.

  • As a skim coat over the face of steel moulds with multiple indentations
  • To repair damaged sections of steel moulds
  • To smooth and repair any steel surfaces
  • For vertical repair work product can be stiffened by adding Colloidal Silica