RB 7.35 Smooth Release (For Pavers)

RB 7.35 Smooth Release is a high quality low viscosity mould release oil containing solvent refined mineral oil, hydrocarbon solvent and lubricity additives. It has been specially produced for use in high rate production of concrete pavers and blocks. This is a low viscosity fluid, which after the evaporation of the solvent, dries to a tenacious oily film on the mould surface. The low viscosity helps the film to flow and cover the mould surfaces, and spread into the less accessible areas. It is an excellent release agent that prevents concrete clinging to the moulds, and provides a high quality surface finish.

RB 7.35 also provides protection for moulds, keeping them in good condition between runs and ready for further use.

RB 7.35 Smooth Release is supplied in 20lt containers and 200lt drums.


  • As a release agent in the manufacture of high production rate concrete pavers and tiles.
  • As a release agent in the manufacture of concrete blocks.
  • For any application that calls for a release agent that give superior finish with minimal air holes.
  • For where a non-staining release agent is essential.


TECH SHEET – RB 7.35 Smooth Release