RB 7.32 Pipe-Lease

RB 7.32 Rockbond Pipe-Lease is a chemical release agent, designed for use in the manufacture of spun pipes and for high pour applications where a more aggressive adhesion to formwork is required.

The chemically active ingredient contains fatty acids and these weak acids react slowly with the alkalies in cement to produce water-insoluble soaps.  When applied at the recommended dosage, fatty acid-based release agents, based upon volatile solvents, leave a dry film on the surface of the concrete, which becomes the release agent.

• RB 7.32 is effective on moulds for spun pipe production.
• High pour applications where friction from poured concrete risks removing traditional release agents.
• For use in applications where release agent needs to adhere more firmly to moulds.

RB 7.32 is available in 20 Litre and 200 litre non-refundable containers and 1000litre returnable pods.

RB 7.32 TECH SHEET: Pipe-Lease
RB 7.32 MSD SHEET: Pipe-Lease