RB 7.25 Silicone Water Repellant

Rockbond Silicone Water Repellent (RB 7.25) is a water-based silicone impregnating product which repels water and allows walls to breathe.

It has been especially formulated for the water-repellent treatment of buildings and building materials, including concrete tiles, paths, foundations, Summerhill stone, concrete blocks and other porous building materials.

The impregnation limits the penetration of rain and running water into masonry and helps to preserve the surface and keep it clean.

The product is supplied in 20 Ltr and 200 no-refundable containers.


  • Significantly reduces moisture penetration.
  • Increases the lifespan of building materials.
  • Limits the growth of moss.
  • Prevents dampness and mould on internal walls.
  • Cuts down heat loss.
  • Reduces sensitivity to freeze/thaw cycles on porous surfaces by stopping ingress of moisture into the material.


  • Designed to protect building facades against damp.
  • To prevent rain penetrating walls and facades constructed of concrete, porous building materials. See under heading “Important Notes” if considering its use on brickwork.