RB 7.24 Form-Tard PLUS

RB 7.24 Form-Tard PLUS is a new generation environmentally friendly water based concrete surface retarder which is applied directly to formwork and precast moulds prior to the pouring of concrete.

It is effective on moulds or formwork made of steel, wood, or dense composite materials.

The normal hydration of cement in contact with the treated formwork is delayed for a depth of 3-6 mm whilst the underlaying concrete hardens normally.

Used in the production of mechanical joints and exposed aggregate concrete surfaces.


  • Used to produce a uniform depth of exposed aggregate finishes to in-situ or precast concrete poured in steel, timber or plywood moulds or formwork and can be used on either vertical or horizontal surfaces. Note: Do not use RB 7.24 Form-Tard on absorbent materials (e.g. Hardie Flex).
  • Can be used in conjunction with RB 7.17 SURFACE RETARDER–PLUS to provide a consistent exposed aggregate surface to both the horizontal and vertical surfaces of concrete with strengths of 20 MPa and over.
  • It provides an economical surface preparation to vertical ‘off the boxing’ concrete that will be overlaid with a plaster render.
  • It is also used to form a mechanical key to vertical construction joints, eliminating the need for expensive scabbling.

RB 7.24 is supplied in 20lt plastic pails.

RB 7.24 TECH SHEET: Form-Tard PLUS
RB 7.24 MSD SHEET: Form-Tard PLUS