7.15 Latex Concentrate (Primer)

7.15 Latex Concentrate is a plaster improver and bonding agent. The latex contains approximately 45% by weight of polymer and is used as an additive to the mix water to improve the properties of cementitious materials, and is also used widely as a concrete surface primer.

7.15 Latex Concentrate is supplied in 1lt, 5lt & 20lt containers and 200lt drums.


  • To give greater adhesion, workability and flexibility to all cementitious plaster, renders etc.
  • To penetrate and consolidate brick and concrete substrates.
  • To prime concrete and brick to increase bond strength of repair materials.
  • To waterproof site batched renders, mortars and concrete.
  • For site batched flooring materials, and repair materials for floors.
  • To prevent frost attack to brick and concrete.
  • For use as an adhesive with cement or cement mortar.
  • For use in chemically aggressive situations, e.g. food factories, dairies and fertiliser stores.
  • High strength or increased tensile strength applications

TECH SHEET – RB 7.15 Latex Concentrate

MSD SHEET – RB 7.15 Latex Concentrate