7.13 Primer Latex

Rockbond 7.13 Primer Latex is a polymer dispersion in water.

The latex contains approximately 10% by weight of polymer and is used as the mix water to improve the properties of cementitious materials in general, and concrete repair and flooring materials in particular.

The latex is supplied in 5 and 20 litre containers and in 200 litre drums and has a shelf life of 1 year.


  • Ready to use.
  • Can be used as a primer for concrete.
  • Formulated for use with site batched materials.
  • Reduces shrinkage.
  • Improves the adhesion of repair materials to brick or concrete.
  • Increases the flexural and tensile strengths of mortars and concrete.
  • Imparts flexibility to site batched repair materials and floors.
  • Reduces the permeability and enhances durability.
  • Will not break down or re-emulsify.
  • Water based – mixing equipment and tools easily cleaned with water.
  • Economic, non-toxic and safe to use.