RB 6.17 Superplast WR

Rockbond Superplast WR (RB 6.17) is a high-performance polycarboxylate ether (PCE) water reducer/ superplasticiser that has been specially formulated to allow variable doses to be used.

RB 6.17 can be used at low doses as a water reducer, at medium doses as a mid-range water reducer and at high doses as a high-range water reducer/superplasticiser.

It provides fluidity to concrete formulations at substantially reduced water content. Benefits include increased productivity, lower costs and improved concrete properties.


  • A single water reducer that can be used for multiple applications.
  • Capable of acting as a water reducer, mid-range water reducer and a high-range water reducer.
  • Allows water reduction of greater than 30% in concrete mixes, when used at high dose rates, resulting in higher early strengths.
  • Increases the workability and flowability of concrete without the addition of extra water.
  • Produces denser stronger concrete.
  • Produces self-compacting concrete when used at high dose rates.
  • Imparts good pumpability to concrete.
  • Contains special additive that reduces foaming and air entrainment.
  • Can be used all year round in conjunction with other admixtures (e.g. retarders, accelerators, etc).


  • To improve the workability of concrete and reduce water content in the mix.
  • As a neutral set water reducer that is fully compatible with the chemicals and additives used in concrete admixtures.
  • To provide more workability time for concrete while achieving a lower mix water content.
  • For the placing of concrete where steel congestion is a problem.
  • Eliminate the need to heat cure.
  • To help in the workability of fibre reinforced concrete.
  • To improve the surface appearance of the concrete.
  • For the production of self-compacting concrete mixes used by the precast industry.