RB 6.09 Underwater Anti-washout Powder

Underwater Admix 2201 powder is a blend of admixtures which have been specially formulated to mix and produce underwater grouts and concretes.

The powder contains a system of anti wash-out agents, water reducing agents.

And anti bleed agent, a stability aid to prevent segregation under pressure, and a compressive strength enhancer.

The powder is ready to use, packaged in 25kg durable bags and 4 kg plastic punnets with a shelf life of 1 year.


  • The complete admixture for underwater flowing materials.
  • Quality Assured to British Standards 5750.
  • Packaged for convenient handling.
  • Minimises “fog” or dispersion when placed or poured underwater.
  • Extremely stable, and will not disintegrate, segregate or bleed.
  • Readily pumpable and stable under pressure.
  • Will not retard at high dosages.
  • Contains on deleterious substances.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and safe to use.


  • To produce quality underwater grouts and concretes from site batched materials.
  • To produce cementitious materials which are washout resistant when brought into contact with water or running water.
  • To produce cohesive, mobile and flowing underwater grouts and concretes which are self levelling and self compacting.
  • To produce chemically resistant, durable marine grouts and concretes.
  • Seawater and fresh water concrete repair and protection.
  • For use in flowing cementitious materials for the repair and consolidation of water retaining structures, dams, pillars and piers.
  • Materials involved with waterlogged foundations, anchorages, pilings, conduits, pipes and sewers.

TECH SHEET: Stabilising & Anti-Washout Admix