RB 6.08 Microsilica Powder (A1501)

Rockbond Admix 1501 (RB 6.08) Microsilica Powder is an ultra-fine cementitious powder (undensified silica fume)
which when added to Portland cementitious mortars and concretes, radically improves the performance of the
material in both its plastic and hardened states.



  • To improve the consistency and application rates of non-flow cementitious materials.
  • For use to prevent bleeding and segregation, and as a pumping aid.
  • As an additive to produce high strength concrete for structural applications.
  • For use in concrete to protect steel from corrosion in chemically hostile environments.
  • Marine concrete and structures, chemical and fertiliser plants, food factories, cow sheds, and abattoirs.
  • To reduce or eliminate Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) or ‘concrete cancer’ in concrete construction.
  • For durable concrete in exposed hostile and extreme changes of climate.


Tech  Data Sheet – RB 6.08 Microsilica Powder
MSD Sheet – RB 6.08 Microsilica Powder