6.03 Accelerating Powder (A301)

Rockbond 6.03 A301 Accelerating Powder is a blend of chloride free admixtures which has been specially designed to accelerate the early strength development of Portland based cementitious materials.

The admixture can be dry mixed with Portland cement, or added to the mix water of cementitious renders, mortars, floor screeds and non-flow concretes.

The compound rapidly accelerates the early strength development of non flow cementitious materials at 20ºC and produces an early strength development at low temperatures.

The powder is ready to use, supplied to order, packaged in moisture proof, durable bags and has a shelf life of five years.

  • To produce quick strength, quick drying, site batched, renders, mortars and concretes at 20ºC.
  • To accelerate the early strength development of cementitious materials at low temperatures.
  • For use in high build applications, and to minimise slumping and bleeding.
  • To speed up application and finishing time during winter weather work.
  • For use in cementitious materials to repair concrete in tidal situations, marine defences and offshore environments.
  • For addition to site batched mortars for the laying and pointing of bricks and blocks at low temperatures, or during winter weather work.
  • For the manufacture of precast products when a quick turn around of the moulds are required.
  • For addition to reinforced concrete where corrosion of steel is a problem.
  • To produce non flow sulphate and chloride resistant reinforced concrete.

TECH SHEET: Accelerating Powder