6.00 Super Plasticising Powder (A201)

Admix 201 powder is a blend of admixtures which have been specially formulated to mix and produce high workability grouts and concretes.

The powder will produce fluid grouts and free flowing concrete mixes at very low water/cement ratios of cementitious mixes by 30% or more.

The admixture is ready to use, and can be dispersed in water, or pre-mixed with the cement.

The material is packaged in 25kg durable bags and 4kg plastic punnets with a shelf life of 2 years.

Special Properties:

  • Each batch produced is tested and quality assured.
  • Contains no deleterious substances
  • Packaged for convenient handling.
  • Quickly mixed and dispersed in water.
  • 4kg of admixture will treat 4.8 m3 of ready mixed concrete.
  • Very efficient: can be used at low dosages – less than 0.25% by weight of the cement content of the mix
  • Produces grouts and concretes at extremely low water/cement ratios.
  • Will not retard or entrain air at high dosages.
  • The admixture has a long shelf life and will not suffer frost attack.
  • Non-flammable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to use.