5.03HF Pumping Grout

Rockbond 5.03HF Pumping Grout HF is a premixed blend of fine cement powders, specialist admixtures and a shrinkage compensating additive.


The 5.03HF Pumping Grout powder, when mixed with water and pumped under pressure, is particularly flowing and penetrating.

It is specially formulated for the filling and sealing of voids in concrete and rock, and can be pumped over large distances.

Rockbond Pumping Grout HF Accelerated contains chloride free accelerators, and is used during winter weather work, or when a rapid early strength gain is required at 20ºC.

Uses of 5.03HF Pumping Grout

  • General grout pumping/void filling applications.
  • To fill voids in concrete & rock.
  • Grouting of ground anchors and rock bolts.
  • Underpinning and stabilising of foundations, floors, road slabs, and dam spillways.
  • To fill and seal voids in rubble filled brick and stone walls.
  • To grout up and fill voids behind shafts and tunnel linings.
  • To check and control the ingress of ground water through porous structures.
  • For general void filling applications, e.g. dormant sewer pipes.