4.04 Underwater Concrete

Rockbond 4.04 Underwater Concret is a premixed cementitious micro concrete specially formulated for underwater and tidal zone applications.

Rockbond Underwater Concrete contains a blend of cement powders, high quality graded sands, an aggregate and a union of admixtures.

The micro concrete, when mixed with water, produces a material that is cohesive, mobile, self-compacting and displays excellent resistance to washout when brought into contact with water.

This product has similar properties to Rockbond 4.03 Underwater Grout, but the material contains a rock aggregate and is applied to fill larger volume voids and horizontal/angled surfaces that require a layer that is 60mm or greater.

Supplied in 25kg tri-wall plastic lined paper bags.

  • General underwater void filling applications.
  • Marine and fresh water concrete repair and protection.
  • For use in hostile locations such as tidal and splash zones.
  • For the repair of Seawalls, harbours, quays, jetties, ramps and slipways.
  • Fortification and repair of river and sea defences.
  • Repair and consolidation of water retaining structures, dams, pillars and bridge columns.
  • Waterlogged foundations, anchorages, pilings, conduits, pipes and sewers.
  • In situations where a quick, early strength gain is required.