4.02 Underwater Accelerated Mortar

4.02 Underwater Accelerated Mortar is a blend of special cement powders, high quality graded sands, and a unique combination of polymers and admixtures. The powder, when mixed with water, produces a mortar which is wash-out resistant and waterproof. It is used at low temperatures, or when rapid gain in early strength is required.

4.02 Underwater Accelerated Mortar is supplied in 4kg plastic buckets and 25kg durable bags.


  • Offshore locations and applications.
  • The repair of precast concrete, tunnels, culverts, sewers and pipes.
  • To point and repair bricks, blocks and masonry above or below the waterline.
  • The repair of concrete in tidal zones where time is limited.
  • The protection of marine structures above and below the waterline.
  • The consolidation of sea defences, harbours, jetties, docks, locks.
  • To stop and seal the flow of water or grout in brickwork or concrete.
  • Caulking material for seals and joints, and for sealing shutters.
  • In situations where an early strength gain is required.
  • Underwater Accelerated Mortar is designed for use during cold weather, or low temperature applications.