11.06 U-SEAL 816

11.06 U-SEAL 816 is an elastic, semi-liquid, single component, self-levelling, polyurethane sealant, specifically developed to be used as a multipurpose floor joint sealant, in applications, where a high chemical resistance to fuels, oils and hydrocarbons is requested. It cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture, to form a low modulus sealant with excellent adhesive properties and resistance to ageing and weathering.


  • Sealing expansion and construction joints
  • Warehouses and production sites
  • Indoor and outdoor applications for pedestrian and traffic areas where there is contact with chemical agents, such as hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, diesels, aviation fuels, etc. (petrol station, decks, car parks)
  • Joints in wastewater and sewage treatment plants
  • Floor joints in tunnel construction
  • Floor joints in working areas and runaways and parking areas in airports


  • One part – no mixing on site
  • Pitch free
  • Movement capability up to 25%
  • Bubble-free curing
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials
  • Permanently elastic over a wide range of temperatures