RB 10.65 Betopro WX-G

Betopro® WX-G from Ecoratio is a concrete release agent wax that is specially designed for moulds with inserts and odd shapes etc.

Inserts are often required in the production process. Removing them properly can be difficult.

Betopro® WX-G ensures that inserts can be removed quickly and easily after demoulding of the precast product. It is also a great product for releasing polystyrene and highly absorbent materials (e.g. cardboard) from concrete surfaces.

Betopro® WX-G is easy to apply, ready to use, solvent free, low odour and non-flammable. It is supplied is 10lt sealable tins.



  • Enables quick & easy removal of inserts
  • Eliminates damage to the precast component & the mould when removing inserts
  • Minimises cleaning as leaves virtually no residue in the mould
  • Enable inserts (including polystyrene) to be reused multiple times.
  • Creates uniform, void-free concrete surfaces
  • Non-hazardous to health & the environment

TECH SHEET – Betopro® WX-G

MSD SHEET – Betopro® WX-G