1.10 Super Strength Grout

Rockbond 1.10 Super Strength Grout is a ultra high strength grout for demanding applications. 1.10 is a specially formulated, pre-mixed, ready to use, cementitious grout powder.

The material is a blend of fine cements, high quality, finely graded sands and a combination of innovative admixtures.

The compound readily mixes with water to produce a non-shrink, mobile grout which hardens to give a very high strength long-life product.

Super Strength Grout is packaged in 25kg moisture proof durable bags and has a shelf life of 5 years.

  • Precision grouting of thin sections, narrow gaps and low clearances of 10mm or less.
  • Static load bearing applications: under heavy machine baseplates, structural baseplates, bridge
    bearing seats, wind turbines, crane rail tracks.
  • Dynamic and cyclic load bearing applications which require a high flow, high strength grout or concrete.
  • Anchoring systems, holding down assemblies, anchor bolts and starter bars.
  • To provide high strength contact between closely spaced structural elements.
  • To protect steel cables, ducts, bars, bolts and rods against corrosion.
  • Military installations, strong rooms, and high security safe protection.

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TECH SHEET: Super Strength Grout