1.08 Super Flow Grout

1.08 SUPER FLOW GROUT is a specially designed Portland cementitious 90MPa grout that is used for applications where a very flowable high strength grout is required. Ideal for the filling and sealing of cracks and fine voids. Supplied in 25kg tri-wall plastic lined paper bags.
  • Ideal for narrow grouting applications and long Drossbach ducts.
  • Crack injection applications.
  • Between construction joints, precast concrete panels, beams and closely spaced steel reinforcing.
  • Post-tensioned, prestressed concrete cables and ducts.
  • Crack repair on bridge structures.
  • Holding down bolts, bars and rods.
  • Under base plates with clearances of 10mm or less.
  • To penetrate and seal fissures in rock, masonry, brick and concrete.
  • Underpinning and stabilizing foundations, loose floor and road slab.

TECH SHEET – RB 1.08 Super Flow Grout
MSD SHEET – RB 1.08 Super Flow Grout