RB 1.03 GP Grout

Rockbond GP Grout is a General Purpose shrinkage compensated grout. RB 1.03 contains a unique blend of cement powder, admixtures, silica sand, microsilica, and other materials to achieve high early age and good mid-range long term strengths.

The grout powder when mixed with water produces a fluid non-shrink grout that is used for many types of grouting applications and is readily available throughout New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.

Supplied in 25kg tri-wall plastic lined paper bags.

  • All grouting applications where high-strengths aren’t required.
  • Ideal for restricted grouting applications and drossbach ducts
  • Grouting in anchor bolts, bars and rods
  • Grouting up retaining walls, and behind shafts and tunnel linings
  • Under base plates/gaps with clearances of 5mm-80mm.
  • Dry pack applications.