1.00 Primer for Steel

1.00 Primer for Steel is a pre-mixed ready to use anti-corrosion product to coat steel reinforcing. This is the ideal product to use when steel is exposed during concrete repair.


Rockbond 1.00 Primer for Steel is a pre-mixed, ready to use, acrylic modified powder used to protect steel reinforcing. The system contains a unique blend of fine Portland and Microsilica cements, an acrylic copolymer powder and a union of compatible admixtures. The powder also contains powerful corrosion inhibitors.

When mixed with water and painted onto steel reinforcing, it produces an elastic alkaline coating which will protect the steel against corrosion and chemical attack. The powder is packaged in 4kg and 20kg plastic buckets and has a shelf life of 2 years.

How to use it:

Mix Rockbond Primer for Steel powder with water using a suitable container, a small electric drill, and a ribbon mixer.

  1. Add 500ml of water to the container
  2. Pour 1.25 kg of powder on to the water while mixing
  3. After all the powder has been added, mix until homogenous
  4. The Primer is now ready for use.
  5. Remove all rust, scale and corrosion products on the steel surface by abrasive blasting or by wire brushing.
  6. Ensure the steel is free from oil, dust, diesel, loose material or any other surface contaminants.
  7. Paint Primer for Steel completely and evenly onto the steel surface to give a cover of not more than 1 mm.

Alternatively, small amounts of the material can be prepared by slowly adding the powder to a quantity of water and mixing to required consistency.

Uses for 1.00 Primer for Steel:

  • Brush or spray applied onto steel reinforcing to protect the steel against chlorides, moisture, oxygen and acid gases.
  • To chemically pacify steel in chemically aggressive environments.
  • To protect steel against de-icing salts and in marine locations.
  • For use in concrete repairs and in new construction.
  • Protective coating to new or freshly prepared steel work.
  • Ideal alternative to zinc rich primers or resin coating systems.