RB 1.04 GP Grout Plus

A very versatile 75MPa high strength non-shrink grout. For grouting in precast panels, starter bars, rock anchors, bridge bearings, – you name it.

A pumpable and pourable grout that can also be used as a dry pack grout.

RB 1.04 GP Grout Plus is a great all round high strength grout that is widely used throughout New Zealand by civil & commercial construction contractors.

Rockbond hold large stocks of this product in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. Supplied in tri-wall plastic lined 25kg paper valve bags.

Yield: 25 kg yields 12.5 litres of pourable grout at 15% water content (85MPa), 25kg yields 13.5 litres of fluid grout at 18% water content (70MPa).

Specials Properties:

  • High early age and long term compressive strengths.
  • Quickly and easily mixed and applied.
  • Versatile material: can be mixed with water to a stiff, flowing or fluid grout, depending on application and mixed very dry and used in dry-pack applications.
  • Produces a positive expansion of the grout in its plastic state reducing plastic settlement and cracking.
  • Highly stable, low bleeding.


  • Ideal for restricted grouting applications and drossbach ducts
  • Grouting in anchor bolts, bars and rods
  • Between construction joints, precast concrete panels, beams and closely space steel reinforcing.
  • Grouting up retaining walls, and behind shafts and tunnel linings

TECH SHEET: G.P. Grout Plus

MSD SHEET: G.P. Grout Plus