8.03 290/190 Epoxy Tie Coat (3 Part)

8.03 290/190 Epoxy Tie Coat is a 3-part epoxy adhesive designed to bond old concrete to new.


8.03 8.03 290/190 Epoxy Tie Coat provides a fail-proof bond for concrete repairs and will also bond new concrete to steel, aluminium, wood and a number of other substrates.

It is supplied in 3 different kit sizes: 15lt kit, 5lt kit & 2.5lt kit.

Uses of 8.03 290/190 Epoxy Tie Coat:

This Epoxy Tie Coat is effective in many applications, the following are some uses for which it is particularly appropriate:

  • For bonding of new cementitious floor screeds to existing concrete floors.
  • At construction joints to bond new concrete to existing.
  • For bonding of plasters and renders to existing substrates.
  • For bonding grouts & mortars to structural steel work.
  • For use by tilers in bonding bedding mortar to substrates.