8.04 Epoxy Mortar (2 Part)

8.04 Epoxy Mortar is a 2-part 1:1 mouldable high-strength epoxy mortar.



8.04 Epoxy Mortar is a 2-part 1:1 mouldable high-strength epoxy mortar. This extremely strong concrete-coloured epoxy mortar is ideal for concrete repairs and joints on civil and commercial construction projects,  and also for joining concrete pipes and manholes, etc.

It's very 'user friendly', just mix equal quantities with gloved hands or with spade until even consistency is reached and then apply.

It's supplied in 20lt (36kg) kits, 8lt kits & 2lt kits.

Special Properties of 8.04 Epoxy Mortar:

  • Simple 1:1 Mix ratio
  • Two colours differentiate resin and hardener
  • Close match to new concrete
  • High compressive, tensile & flexural strengths
  • Adheres well to wet or submerged concrete or steel
  • Interior |exterior application
  • User friendly. Easy mix recognition
  • Hand mouldable
  • Highly durable and paintable.
  • Chemically resistant mortar.
  • Non-Shrink


  • Structural repairs to concrete structures.
  • Widely used on structural precast panels, bridge tees, concrete tanks & other precast components.
  • Jointing of precast panels.
  • Plugging of ducts prior to grouting.
  • Bonding pipes, concrete and PVC. Bends in concrete pipes.
  • Connecting concrete pipes to manholes.
  • Setting bolts into concrete. Horizontal and vertical.
  • Re-forming edges; stair nosing’s, usable overhead.
  • Filling holes, forming plinths. Fixing floors, tanks, concrete blocks, kerbs.
  • Patching floor holes