8.01 290/190 Epoxy Grout (3 Part)

8.01 (290-190) Epoxy Grout is a three component resin-hardener-filler system, designed for use in civil engineering and commercial construction applications where a high strength, free flowing, self-leveling epoxy grout is required.

8.01 is extremely fluid and will flow into cavities with a clearance of only 2mm.

It is easily pumped or injected and can be used with both dry or damp substrates with excellent adhesion to both.

With compressive strengths tested at over 100 MPA and high tensile and flexural strengths, RB 8.01 is used extensively in seismic upgrade projects to grout steel structural members into the concrete structure.

8.01 (290-190) Epoxy Grout is supplied in 4 kit sizes: 4lt kit, 8lt kit, 24lt kit & 534lt kit.

  • Grouting under machine bases and under bridge bearings plates.
  • Filing of cavities and voids in concrete.
  • Grouting of steel reinforcing starters into concrete.
  • Grouting of structural steel components into primary structures.
  • Crack repair including crack injection.
  • Grouting of balcony handrail posts, anchoring bolts into existing concrete or masonry, etc.
  • Widely used in seismic strengthening projects.

TECH SHEET: Epoxy Grout (3 Part)

MSD SHEET: 290/190 Epoxy System Part A
MSD SHEET: 209/190 Epoxy System Part B