RB 10.43 Ecomask

RB 10.43 Ecomask is an environmentally friendly vegetable-based masking & release agent that can be used on rubber, plastic, steel, wood & concrete.

Ecomask is a very popular masking agent for areas that are likely to be splashed with concrete. Simply spray the area with Ecomask and once you’ve finished your pour the concrete splashes can be easily hosed off.

Ecomask is supplied in 20lt containers or 200lt drums.

Coverage: Steel and wood 20-25 m2/litre.


  • Used in self-batching plants as a masking agent on mixing equipment.
  • Used to protect ready-mix trucks against concrete splash so they can be easily cleaned down at end of shift.
  • As a non-staining protective coating on all areas subject to concrete splashing.


MSD SHEET: Ecomask