10.14EX Crete-Blaster Extra

At last – a safe to use, versatile concrete remover!



At last – a safe to use, versatile concrete remover – 10.14EX Crete-Blaster Extra. The non-corrosive and non-hazardous concrete remover that turns concrete residue in to “mud” for easy removal.

Safe to use on aluminium joinery and is bumper-to-bumper safe for ready mix trucks and other vehicles.

It’s available in 5lt containers, 20lt containers, 200lt drums & 1000lt IBC’s

Special Properties of 10.14EX Crete-Blaster Extra:

  • Breaks down hardened concrete
  • Environmentally-Safe & Biodegradable
  • Contains no muriatic acid, formic acid, salts, or chlorides
  • Supplied ‘Ready to Use’, no mixing required
  • Won’t attack paint, aluminium, rubber or glass
  • Safe on skin


  • Cleaning old concrete off tools and machinery
  • Cleaning concrete of areas around pour zone (e.g. paths, fences, cars, etc)
  • Removal of hard concrete out of concrete mixes
  • Cleaning down concrete to remove stains