RB 10.14EX Crete Blaster Extra

At Last – A safe to use, versatile concrete remover. Non corrosive and non hazardous, it turns concrete residue in to “mud” for easy removal. Safe to use on aluminum joinery and is bumper to bumper safe for ready mix trucks and other vehicles.

Available in 5lt containers, 20lt containers, 200lt drums & 1000lt IBC’s

Special Properties:

  • Breaks down hardened concrete.
  • Environmentally-Safe & Biodegradable.
  • Contains no muriatic acid, formic acid, salts, or chlorides.
  • Supplied ‘Ready to Use’, no mixing required.
  • Won’t attack paint, aluminum, rubber or glass.
  • Safe on skin

TECH SHEET: Crete Blaster Extra

MSD Sheet: Crete Blaster