8.52 Hybrid C2

Rockbond (8.52-420) HYBRID C2 is a 2 component high strength 10:1 ratio chemical anchoring resin system.



It is designed as a fast curing high strength resin fixing anchor for very high loads and critical and overhead fixings
especially in corrosive environments, or damp conditions.

Special Properties of 8.52 Hybrid C2:

  • Used with all grades of threaded rod and rebar in accordance with
  • Used in non-cracked, cracked concrete
  • Fast gelling and curing
  • Used in dry, wet and flooded concrete
  • Used in critical or overhead applications
  • Used in corrosive environments
  • High chemical resistance
  • Styrene Free Low odour
  • Suitable to apply underwater
  • Seismic C1 and C2 application approved