8.52 HY200 C2 Hybrid Epoxy

Rockbond (8.52-420) HYBRID C2 is a 2 component high strength 10:1 ratio chemical anchoring resin system.



It is designed as a fast curing high strength resin fixing anchor for very high loads and critical and overhead fixings
especially in corrosive environments, or damp conditions.

Special Properties of 8.52 HY200 C2 Hybrid Epoxy:

  • Used with all grades of threaded rod and rebar in accordance with
  • Used in non-cracked, cracked concrete
  • Fast gelling and curing
  • Used in dry, wet and flooded concrete
  • Used in critical or overhead applications
  • Used in corrosive environments
  • High chemical resistance
  • Styrene Free Low odour
  • Suitable to apply underwater
  • Seismic C1 and C2 application approved