8.50 CH600 C2 Epoxy

Epoxy 600 C2 is a two-component chemical anchoring injection system, in 3:1 ratio. A formulation derived from pure epoxy with very high bond strength, developed principally to anchor threaded rods and rebar into concrete.



8.50-585 BIT 500 Chemical Anchor is perfect for high performance structural applications where loading is critical.

Uses of 8.50 CH600 C2 Epoxy:

  • Suitable for high loads featuring large diameters and deep embedments
  • Longer working times make it suitable for large holes, and high temperatures
  • No shrinkage – good for large diameter fixings
  • Use in wet or flood environments and fixing holes – or underwater
  • High durability, resistance to chemicals
  • Used for diamond drilled holes
  • Solvent free resin
  • Fixings in concrete, wood, or other high strength materials