7.37 Enviro Lease

Rockbond Enviro Lease (7.37) is a chemical release agent specially formulated to give easy release of a wide range of mould liner materials, providing a high quality surface finish, from most types of formwork.



7.37 Enviro-Lease is manufactured from a special blend of recycled mineral oils, while still providing an excellent finish.  It is easily applied and may be applied to formwork immediately prior to casting without reducing the finished quality.

At Rockbond we are committed to sustainability, we are passionate about our clients, our product and the environment.

Special Properties of 7.37 Enviro Lease:

    • Suitable for use on a wide range of mould liners with excellent results.
    • Is a suspension and sediment-free, highly mobile liquid, which can be used in very fine sprays without clogging the jets
    • Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty.
    • Retains its mobility at low temperatures.
    • It may be applied immediately prior to casting, or treated forms may be left until apparently dry.
    • Rockbond Enviro Lease may be used for metal or timber mould boxes holding the mould liner, allowing easy cleaning of all equipment.
    • Can be used with either grey or white cement or concretes incorporating pigments.
    • Provides quick positive release of form-liners, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and liners.
    • Drastically reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining.


Rockbond Enviro-Lease is ready to use and should not be diluted. It should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible for optimum performance. It can be applied to a wide range of formwork and mould liners by spray, fine haired brush, swab or roller. Any excess should be mopped up. For the best and most economical performance application by fine fog spray is recommended. It will not clog fine jets even at very low temperatures.