7.11 Membrane Cure

7.11 Membrane Cure is a degradable curing membrane that breaks down overtime the in presence of rain and sunlight.

When applied to newly poured concrete it dries to form a clear transparent film over the surface area which reduces rapid moisture loss.



By reducing moisture loss, 7.11 Membrane Cure reduces cracking and helps allow the finished concrete to develop to its full tensile and compressive strength.

Available in 20lt containers, 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s.

Uses of 7.11 Membrane Cure:

  • For the effective curing of industrial and commercial floor slabs.
  • Curing of Rockbond grouts, mortars, screeds and micro concrete.
  • General purpose curing membrane for conventional cementitious materials.
  • Can be used onwater retaining structures.