6.30 A101 Thixotropic Admix

Rockbond 6.30 Admix 101 powder is a ready to use blend of compatible admixtures which has been specially designed to produce non-flow, thixotropic, non-slump, non-bleed grouts, concrete and mortars.

The compound is also a stability and pumping acid and will help prevent segregation and bleeding of cementitious materials under pressure and placement.

The powder can be dry mixed with cement or be dispersed in water and will produce non-flow materials that are quickly and easily pumped, worked and placed.

6.30 is widely used by ground stabilisation contractors for grouting in areas where the ground is dilated and high grout loss is a risk.

The powder is packaged in 10kg pails and has a shelf life of five years.

Special Properties:

  • Thixotropic: Will “liquefy” when mixed, worked and pumped but will quickly gel, stiffen and harden once in place.
  • Contains no deleterious substances.
  • Quickly and easily dispersed and mixed in the mix water.
  • Will produce non-flow cementitious grouts, concrete and mortar that are quickly pumped, sprayed and/or placed.
  • Will not readily slump or suffer plastic settlement or sinkage.