RB 6.11 CF Accelerator

RB 6.11 CF Accelerator is an easy-to-use ‘calcium chloride’ free liquid used in concrete mixes to accelerate early setting times and increase early strength development.

RB 6.11 is the favourite for paving and concrete product manufactures. This chloride free accelerator will reduce your mould turn around time in the winter and won’t alter the colour of the pavers.

RB 6.11 CF Accelerator is supplied in 20lt containers, 200lt drums and 1000lt IBC’s.

  • In concrete to avoid construction delays.
  • In colder temperatures where setting times are crucial.
  • In tidal areas where wave actions are unpredictable.
  • In the Precast industry and in the manufacture of concrete products to speed up mould turnaround time.

TECH SHEET: CF Accelerator

MSD SHEET: CF Accelerator