5.09 40MPa Culvert Bags

This special absorbent cement and aggregate mix, supplied in perforated degradable bags, is the ideal way for knocking up a simple retaining wall or for providing erosion control.



Our 40MPa Culvert Bags consist of a specifically manufactured mix that is designed to give optimum strength of set over as short a period as possible, and to carry on and give a full set and cure over 28 days. It is also designed to be cost effective as in number of bags per square metre for the end user whilst remaining easy to handle. Weighing 25kg each, we have designed them to achieve a square metre coverage of 17-19 bags m2.

How to use:

Stack the bags as though you are building a brick wall. Then batter them back approximately 10mm to help to ‘lock’ them in.  Culvert Bag’s need to be staked by either using warratahs or steel/basalt rods (supplied). Place the stakes every second bag and start at the 3rd level. Bags may be laid flat on the entrance and exit of the pipe to prevent scouring. They can either be watered down during placement or left to the elements to set them.

Common uses for Rockbond 5.09 40MPa Culvert Bags:

    • Retaining walls / Erosion control
    • Riverbank protection
    • For filling gabion baskets (river protection)
    • Dam headwalls on farms
    • Walls at the end of underpasses
    • Flumes and Chutes (on steep roadsides)
    • Sea Walls (we can do waterproof mix)
    • Stabilising tracks
    • Around bridge abutments
    • For laying in soft part of gravel roads to give a hard base for traffic
    • Erosion repairs in earth dams