2.28 Rapid Repair

Rockbond 2.28 Rapid Repair is a high-performance fast-setting 45MPa repair mortar.



Rockbond 2.28 Rapid Repair is a high performance cementitious mortar offering fast curing times with early high compressive strength characteristics, excellent adhesion qualities, is hydrophobic and can be troweled to a smooth finish. Rapid Repair has a design life of greater than 50 years when applied in the correct application.

This product is packaged in 30kg waterproof bags and 20kg pails. When stored in dry conditions it will have a shelf life of 3 months.

How to use:

The area to be coated must be thoroughly clean and free from grease, oil and loose material; it can be damp, but not wet.

Mix 130mls of clean water to 1kg of Rapid Repair, mix thoroughly to an even consistency and apply with a trowel and float to the desired finish. Only mix the amount required to effect the repair and do not leave the product standing.

Once the product has been placed and ‘finished off’ do not rework it as the effectiveness of the finished product may be compromised.Under normal ambient conditions it will set in 17 minutes, from mixing, and will be fully cured in 24 hours. Rapid Repair is suitable for repairs 10mm to 100mm in depth and should be always placed in one layer. If a ‘feather edge’ is required Multi-Cote should be used as a primer coat.

Common uses for 2.28 Rapid Repair:

  • Repairs to water treatment plants
  • Repairs to wastewater treatment plants
  • Water storage facilities – fresh, grey and black
  • Jointing compound for concrete and concrete lined pipes
  • General repairs to manholes and most precast products
  • Repairs to concrete slabs, walls and soffits
  • Repairs to warehouse and factory floors
  • Repairs to cowshed floors, abattoir floors and rendering plants

Special Properties:

  • Initial set in 17 minutes
  • 20MPa in 2 hours @ 16°C
  • 36MPa in 24 hours @ 16°C
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Suited for repairs 10mm to 100mm in depth
  • Hydrophobic
  • Suitable for potable water applications
  • Conforms to NZS4210:2001