2.07 Floor Levelling Compound

2.07 Floor Levelling Compound powder is a mixture of special cement powders, fillers, finely graded silica sands, water dispersible co-polymer powders and a union of admixtures.

The powder, when mixed with water, produces a fluid, self-smoothing, self-levelling, thin section, acrylic polymer modified cementitious floor screed.

An excellent solution used to level new and existing concrete floors, and to provide an underlayment to various floor toppings, carpets and tiles. The hardened compound is resistant to foot and light traffic. The powder is packaged in 20kg moisture proof, durable bags and has a shelf life of 5 years.



So, what is different about our floor levelling compound?

Special Properties of 2.07 Floor Levelling Compound:

  • All in the bag, premixed and ready to use.
  • Quickly and easily mixed, pumped, placed and finished.
  • Portland cement-based, microsilica enhanced, acrylic polymer modified, shrinkage compensated, and fibre reinforced.
  • Fluid flow: produces smooth, level and flat surface without trowelling.
  • Can cover concrete from 25mm down to a feather edge.
  • Quick strength, strong bonding, self-curing, non-shrink and non-curling.
  • Quick drying – floors can be trafficked within 2 hours and quickly returned to service.
  • High yielding, economical, non-flammable, non-toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • Produce smooth and flat surfaces to concrete floors and cementitious surfaces.
  • Level sloping floors to give a flat, level and horizontal surface.
  • Repair, resurface and smooth damaged concrete floors, steps and pathways.
  • Fill holes, ruts and depressions in cementitious floors.
  • A quick drying underlayment to solvent-based resin toppings and coatings.
  • For use as a sub-floor underlayment to resin toppings, carpets, tiles, vinyl and linoleum.
  • To provide an anti-wearing surface to foot and light traffic.


Add 4 litres of water to the container of mixer then pour 20 kg of powder onto the water while mixing. If you are using batches of 2 or more bags, repeat the previous procedure. Once all the powder has been added, mix for 30 seconds; the screed is now ready for use.

Careful and proper preparation of the concrete substrate is essential if a successful screed is to be placed. The durability of the hardened screed can only be as good as the integrity of the base concrete and substrate. Thoroughly and completely abrade the surface where necessary to produce a sound substrate with a good mechanical key. All traces of contamination must be removed. Vacuum clean or blow away all dust and debris. Apply Rockbond Primer Latex to penetrate, consolidate, strengthen and seal the concrete. Then, with a brush or a soft broom, brush the latex completely and evenly over the surface. Work the liquid well into the substrate, and brush out any puddles of latex over the surrounding concrete. Let the latex dry out, usually 15 to 20 minutes depending on conditions. To prime the substrate and enhance the bond, apply a second coat of latex. Normally, 1 litre of latex will treat 5m² of concrete surface with 2 coat application.

However, if the concrete is weak or porous, a third coat should be applied. Let the latex dry out before placing the screed. Use the Floor Levelling Compound mixed at a stiff consistency to fill any deep holes and ruts in the substrate, and let the material set prior to placing the screed. Then use one coat of Primer Latex to prime the surface. To ensure that the correct amount of screed is applied, calculate the surface area of the concrete to be treated.


1 x 20kg bag covers 5m² of concrete surface at a depth of 2.3mm, so set out the number of bags accordingly. The minimum recommended cover of the screed to concrete is 2.3mm, and the maximum recommended application cover is 25mm.