1.06 Micro Concrete

A very strong 60MPa free flowing micro concrete

1.06 Micro Concrete is a very strong 60MPa free flowing micro concrete which is readily pumpable and won’t segregate or bleed, making it ideal for repair projects where you have large voids in concrete, and also for those concrete jobs in difficult spots.

It is supplied in tri-wall plastic lined 25kg paper valve bags. Yield: 25kg produces 11.25 litres of fluid concrete.

Special Properties:

  • Quickly and easily mixed, pumped and placed.
  • Fluid flow consistency promotes penetration into confined spaces, and onto damaged concrete substrates.
  • The concrete will not segregate or bleed and is readily pumpable.
  • Excellent mechanical strengths and good bond strengths.
  • Resistant to static, dynamic and vibrational stresses.
  • Shrinkage compensated, low alkali cements, equivalent Na20 below 3kg/m3.
  • Incorporates unreactive graded sands safe from ASR (alkali Silica Reaction) attack.
  • Contains no chlorides, ferrous metal or other deleterious substances.
  • Economical, non-toxic, user friendly and safe to use.

Uses of 1.06 Micro Concrete:

  • Concrete repairs to reinforced concrete structures.
  • Load bearing and structural applications.
  • Repair and protection of concrete in marine environments.
  • Motorway bridges, viaducts and carriageway repairs.
  • To repair concrete floors, car parks, pathways, loading bays, roadways and motorways