RB 1.01 Repair Mortar

RB 1.01 Repair Mortar is a super strong hi-build structural mortar which sets at 60MPa. Great for high-strength structural repairs, repairs to precast panels, extensive honey combing repairs, kerb repairs, sea walls, and for making small ramps, plinths, etc.

Supplied in 25kg tri-wall plastic lined paper bags.

  • For the repair of reinforced concrete, concrete floors, carparks, roads, cementitious surfaces, masonry, stone and brick.
  • To spray concrete to retard or arrest carbonation, sulphation or ASR.
  • For the protection of reinforcing steel in concrete exposed to high levels of chloride.
  • For the repair and protection of marine concrete.
  • For protective coatings to concrete in chemically aggressive environments.
  • Applied as a render to concrete, stone or brick.

TECH SHEET: RB 1.01 Repair Mortar

MSD SHEET: Repair Mortar